Our Products

Lady Bay Botanicals Mini Trial Products in art deco cabinet. Amber bottles with white closures and labels.

Luxurious + Restorative Active Botanical Skincare 

Our beautiful, nourishing skincare products are entirely handcrafted + hand poured for you in small batches. One of the many benefits of creating skincare in small batches is that each ingredient used for your products is sourced in small quantities, this allows us to utilise the finest ingredients harnessing their individual therapeutic + bio-active properties whilst they are at their most potent + of the highest quality to provide you with exceptional skincare products for your self care routine which deeply hydrate, reduce redness, soothe + calm irritation whilst balancing the skins complexion + minimising the appearance of fine lines, promoting skin suppleness + optimising skin health.

 We are very committed + thoroughly enjoy researching + sourcing the finest quality natural, certified organic, wild harvested + bio-derived ingredients from ethical suppliers for our products + take great pride in ensuring our products are cruelty free + gentle on the skin + the environment + that they do not + never will contain genetically modified ingredients nor harsh synthetic additives, preservatives or artificial scents.

Our beautiful products are packaged in 100% recyclable + reusable Amber Glass Bottles + Jars which are manufactured in Australia by Small Independently Owned Family Businesses. We chose Amber Glass Packaging not only because we love amber bottles + jars + find them aesthetically pleasing but due to the many other benefits they offer.  Amber Glass assists to maintain the integrity of our products by filtering out harmful UV rays + protecting our delicate, light sensitive, active ingredients + their beneficial properties from the potentially harmful effects of these which cause photo oxidation. Photo oxidation breaks down active ingredients lessening their beneficial properties + thereby altering the intended effect of a product, photo oxidation also plays a huge role in minimising the shelf life of a product.

We are very dedicated + love providing you with beautiful pure active botanical skincare products for your self care routine + strive to always provide them for you at an economical size + price point.

We truly hope you love our products as much as we love making them for you.🌺