Our Story

Lady Bay Botanicals Founder Lisa with Family on Boat.

Hello + Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by today + taking a moment to explore our online store. We appreciate you taking the time to learn a little bit about us.

I'm Lisa, a wife + very proud Mumma of three beautiful kind daughters, a son-in-law + a grand mumma of two gorgeous, cheeky little grandsons + of course let us not forget my golden retriever Charlie. 

I'm sole creator + handcrafter of the Lady Bay Botanicals range, I'm the formulator, the maker, the bottler + the designer + printer of the labels + designer of our online store. 

Formulating + creating beautiful aromatherapy skin care has been a passion of mine since 1994, the year I fell in love with with making when I was a baby of 22 years.

Lady bay botanicals was established in 2015 + is an ever growing + very much loved + cherished business that I began shortly after I underwent brain surgery in 2014 to assist my recovery, keep me occupied + to fulfil a dream that spanned over two decades and now nearing three.

One of my favorite pastimes as a little girl, was collecting all kinds of flowers + leaves from my mothers garden, I remember being fascinated with how soft the camellia flower felt when I rubbed it along my skin + how beautiful the scent + sweet taste of the jasmine blossom was.

I enjoyed making concoctions from the leaves, twigs + flowers I had gathered + was always attempting to create something that smelt or felt nice. I would fill our bathroom with all kinds of concoctions which inevitably would become quiet dubious looking things, my mother must have had the patience of a saint as she was particularly pedantic with her house keeping yet always waited for me to discard them, she never once threw them out + when space ran out in the bathroom they began appearing in the shed. My love of cobalt blue + amber antique bottles began around this time also, whilst picking mushrooms in a paddock alongside my father I discovered hundreds of bottles (which I thought were magical + mysterious ) half buried in a paddock.

In my early twenties I was introduced to essential oils + given a pamphlet with D.I.Y. skin care + soap recipes from a dear friend +  immediately recalled my childhood concoctions + was incredibly amazed that the essence of plants being extracted, bottled + made into lotions + potions was actually a thing :)

I began making soaps, scrubs, creams + mists for friends + family + whilst making them I felt my self drift away into a world of relaxed, happy, contentedness + imagination just as I felt as a child. I then decided I would like to make my soaps, scrubs, creams + mists + sell them at markets + enrolled in an aromatherapy diploma.

Over many years + for many reasons (but to be honest mostly due to a lack of confidence in myself + allowing myself to be easily dissuaded) I continuously postponed doing what I planned + loved. 

This all changed in 2014. After 7 years of the most insane health issues from severe pre - eclampsia, numerous major operations, post natal depression, a stroke, bells palsy, post traumatic stress disorder + severe anxiety I was diagnosed with three brain aneurysms + underwent a craniotomy (brain surgery).  

When I awoke after theatre understanding how fortunate I had been in receiving so many chances, I shared with my surgeon that I was going to dedicate my recovery time to creating an organic skincare business + asked the universe if I finally follow my dream would it please stop all attempts to expire me. I kept my word + I so far the universe has listened. Thank you Universe.

I am extremely lucky + always grateful that I have beautiful family + friends + customers  who have given me such loving support + encouragement along the way.

 I am quite often asked why I chose the name Lady Bay Botanicals. I did so because Lady Bay is a beautiful place + peaceful morning walks with my dog Charlie along The Flume beach played a massive part in my recovery but mostly I chose it because of all the wonderful, positive, inspiring + encouraging people who reside along the beautiful South West Coast, whom when I mentioned my little project replied with two things " go for it " + " is there anything I can do to help" , this kindness + encouragement meant the world to me + always will, thank you peeps! 




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