Luxurious + Restorative

Australian bio-active botanical skincare designed to hydrate, nourish + revitalise your skin.  Formulated with certified organic, natural, wild harvested + bio-derived ingredients infused with pure plant extracts, peptides + beautiful essential oil blends. Artisan crafted by the sea in the picturesque coastal town of Port Fairy on the South West Coast of Victoria at the end of the Great Ocean Road.

Skin elixir sea buckthorn balm with frankincense patchouli and rose. Lady Bay Botanicals.


your skin + engage your senses

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Customer Love!

Amazing night creme - it’s the ultimate in my evening skincare routine - so nourishing and calming after a day out in the sun in The Apiary slathered in invisible zinc, dust and sweat! ... thank you for creating such beautiful products: handmade, local, botanical.


I love each of your creations + so enjoy using the ones I have. The thoughtfulness of your products + everything about your business is so inspiring.


I am totally addicted to your wonderful potions!!


The balm arrived, thank you very much. Every day happy day, with that smell.


Love my products thankyou! My face feels amazing :)


Absolutely beautiful! I love your products, they are all that you say they are and smell amazing, wondering when your next market is so I can get more ?


Love it love it love it!! Amazing product's and completely organic! I will be using nothing but this from now on, my skin feels fantastic!!


" The most luxurious, beautiful (that red) face mask I've ever tried. Your creations are something else! ❤️"


Skincare By The Sea

Artisan Crafted in Port Fairy

Handmade all natural plant based skin care that nourishes your skin and engages your senses. They are a pure sensory delight. There is so much love in these products which are made with a deep understanding of the magical properties of plants. They heal, soothe, smooth and invigorate not just your skin but a little piece of your heart, mind and yes...your soul. That good! One of the best products on the market made right here in Warrnambool! Lucky us!

Debra O'Keeffe

Hi, I bought some of your skincare products at the market on the weekend and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying them! They make my skin feel so glowy and have cleared some of my acne and redness! Thanks ❤️


Hi Lisa, Just wanted to let you know that I'm absolutely loving your products! They are so beautiful and my skin feels amazing. It was lovely to meet you at the Port Fairy Market!


The serum is heavenly - so beautiful, smells like a huge warm hug! ❤️

Amanda. L

Australian Made + Family Owned

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